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Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰JJY
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰50 pc
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Product Description


Exposure to liquid heptafluoropropane can cause frostbite

Heptafluoropropane can also be used as a propellant for launch rockets

Heptafluoropropane is used in drug metered dose inhalers, such as inhalers used during asthma treatment

Physical property: 

molecular weight                       170.00
boiling point℃                       -16.40                  
satyrated vapor density 20(kg/m3)                        31.18
burner extinguishing concentration                         5.80
minimal extinguishing concentration                         7.00
Liquid density 20℃                      1407.00
ODP                         0.00
NOAEL                         9.00
vapor pressure mpaabs(20)                        0.391


Quality Index

item     superior grade
appearance colorless and clear
purity, % 99.9
moisture, % 0.001
evaporated residue, % 0.0001
chloride cintent -
odor odorless

Packing Specification

Refillable cylinder: 400L/ 800L/ 926L/ 1000L 

Specifications︰Purty,% ≥99.6
Moisture,% ≤10x10-4
Acidity(as HCL),% ≤1x10-4
Evaporating residue,% ≤0.01
Suspension or sediment NON
Flame extinguishing concentration,% 6.7±0.2
Narcosis NO
Irritation NO
Physical and Chemical Properties︰UN number 3296
Proper shipping name HEPTAFLUOROPROPANE
Hazard Class 2.2
Packing Group Not regulated
Envirometal hazards Non-marine pollutant
Special precautions No information available
Package and Storage︰TANK
Payment Details︰T/T & L/C
Ship Date︰ABOUT 15 DAYS
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